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    Green Your Laundry with Wool Dryer Balls

    Adopting a Green Lifestyle

    There is no denying it, adopting a green lifestyle is perhaps one of the best habits in the 21st century. It’s a good habit that will overlap into the various other areas of your life. A good place to kick-start your journey to an all-natural lifestyle is to green your laundry with wool dryer balls. Believe it or not, using organic wool dryer balls will help you to improve the longevity of your fabrics and your health as well. Whether you want to dry a jacket, trouser or even a quilt, you will benefit highly by using the all-natural versions. Making informed decisions is imperative when it comes to taking care of your clothes.

    Using conventional methods such as dryer sheets is costly and inefficient. The wool dryer balls have taken the consumer market by storm, and their benefits are infinite. Improving your lifestyle is all about making small adjustments here and there. Therefore using all natural solutions, especially when it comes to garment care has its inherent benefits. Before you can enjoy the benefits of such products, its imperative that you make informed decisions for the best results.

    Tips for a Green Laundry Room

    Avoiding chemical-laden products such as dryer sheets is, therefore, an excellent place to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Consider the following recommendations for how to green your laundry with wool dryer balls:

    Buy Organic Wool Balls

    There are various types of organic wool balls. Choosing the appropriate one for your needs will depend on various factors. The plastic balls are durable though they are loud and have nubs. The artificial wool balls contain some chemicals, and this is not good for your green lifestyle. Simply put, the organic wool balls are all natural and won’t unravel easily as well. The organic wool balls are allergen free, and they are compatible with almost any type of fabric and garment prints.

    Green Your Laundry with Wool Dryer Balls

    Use Only Wool Balls

    During the drying procedure, ensure that you avoid using any other products such as conventional dryer sheets or conditioners. The products contain lots of chemicals and artificial compounds, which might compromise your green lifestyle. You don’t need any advanced clothes care skills or to study any special instructions before using the wool balls. The added benefit is that you can use the balls for repeated applications and they also last for several years.


    Using wool dryer balls is a straightforward procedure, and you do not need to study any special instructions. The wool balls are simply tossed in the dryer along with your garments. You might come across a strange thumping noise, but this is entirely normal. The balls roll around and pummel the fabric for the best results.


    In the final view of things, using wool balls is an excellent approach for incorporating the green approach in your lifestyle. Using these things is simple, and they are designed to be entirely chemical free for your needs. You can even make your own set through DIY procedures, and a set can last for several years.