what Does DJ Khaled Do?

About DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, otherwise known as Khaled Mohamed Khaled was born in 1975 to Arabic parents. He developed a passion for music at a tender age with affinities for soul and hip hop music. His parents were supportive of him, and he started his music trajectory from then onwards. He is An American radio personality, record producer, DJ and record label manager by profession as well. He was previously known as Arab Attack but altered it after the 9/11 due to the negative publicity that this would have on his public image. Learn more about celebrity net worth at http://www.networthinsider.com/.

what does dj khaled doDj Khaled was a previously a radio host for the Miami-based urban music radio station known as WEDR and he was also the official DJ for a famous rap group known as terror squad. As from 2004, Khaled started specializing in music production and was a major part of the team that developed albums such Terror squad by Fat Joe and Real Talk by Fabulous.

Besides that, DJ Khaled is also the record label manager of `We the Best`, which is responsible for the production of a host of artists of music singles and albums as well. Some of the associative acts that are available on the label are Mavado, Kent, ace hood and DJ Khaled himself. DJ Khaled net worth can be known http://www.networthinsider.com/musician/dj-khaled-net-worth/.

During the early stages of his career, Khaled managed to develop an alliance with several big names and helped to promote their music even before they were well-known stars. Some of them including Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Birdman and Mavado as well. Worth noting is the fact that his first job was at a New Orleans record store where he apparently met Lil Wayne and Birdman in the early nineties. After parting ways with Odyssey, he took up DJing in music fests mixing hip hop and dancehall tracks as well. His first job as a radio presenter was on the pirate station where he later went on to partner with Luther Campbell and `two live crew`.